Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Notes: Valentini Feeding Specifics

  • Live short neck clams (either clam on half shell or crack it open a bit to help them out; left over clams can be frozen for later use)
  • Krill
  • Marine Cuisine
  • Mysis shrimp
  • Nori (to give puffer something to pick at in place of your live rock)
  • Raw mussels / frozen mussel cubes (crack mussels first?)
  • SF Bay Emerald Entree
  • Shrimp (can get raw, frozen shrimp and break off tail section to offer to puffer; rest of shrimp can be reserved for more standard cuisine uses)
  • Squid

In general, brine shrimp and bloodworms don't offer the needed nutritional value; treat them as snacks or rare treats instead of meals.

Sources: Various on-line references; this post in particular mainly culled from researching forum post recommendations of other Valentini Puffer owners at The Puffer Forum , specifically, thanks to posts from OraLacerta, Bonnie3188, and Faeth