Wednesday, May 9, 2007

5/9 Beginning of the Updates

Warning: Much of this blogbook is going to be comprised of numbers and notes such as one would find in one's usual marine journal -- all the measurements I'll want to have handy will be noted here for the sake of convenience. Just a quick head's up -- so when you get to the "Why on earth am I reading all these numbers about a tank that isn't even mine?!!", remember that you've been warned, no whining! ;*)

Gritty Knitty:

  • Ammonia = less than 0.25
  • Nitrites = 0.25
  • Nitrates = 20
  • Temperature = 78 degF
  • Tank size = 10 gallon (isolation tank -- we are aware that this tank is too small for all of the inhabitants and will correct the situation as soon as it can happen)

Tank Inhabitants:

  • Mated pair of false percula clownfish, plus their bubble tip anemone (anemone is too small for both to nuzzle simultaneously -- it is noted that when the female is stressed, she chases the male away and will not "share"...), aka Panda (female) and Joney (male);
  • One Pyjama Cardinal, aka JudyPJ;
  • One Valentini Sharpnose Puffer, aka Bertie, measured tonight at approximately 6 cm long (it is *really* hard to get an accurate measurement -- she was right up against the glass when I took the number, but still... How do other folks manage?);
  • Either one or two snails, Astria but individually unnamed, that Bertie has let be so far;
  • One mini hermit crab that has thus far managed to escape Bertie (possibly the reason the extra "snail shell" had gone missing was that the sensible hermit crab was hiding);
  • One ghost shrimp that has also thus far proved faster and more agile than its flatmates.


  • Morning: 1/4 "chunk" frozen mysis shrimp combined with 1/4 "chunk" frozen brine shrimp, defrosted in tank water. I was at work for this feeding. I'm told that the brine shrimp were accepted by all the tanks' denizens quite happily but the mysis, when selected, were promptly spit back out.
  • Afternoon: "Some" live brine shrimp, which I'm told were gleefully accepted by all. An algae block was also left in the tank for several hours... Only the female clown seemed to pick at it at all and it was removed at the time of the evening feeding.
  • Evening: 1/4 frozen mysis shrimp and 1/4 frozen brine shrimp, again defrosted in tank water. And again, the brine shrimp were avidly hunted, but the mysis shrimp were refused and spit back out again.

Lights out followed the evening feeding, and a short "settle down" period before a 1/3 tank water change. Replacement water was measured at 73 degF and salinity of approximately 1.023. Only the female clownfish seemed concerned, picking on the male clown for a short period following the water change.